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Setting our Clocks to Eternity

If you’ve ever flown across the country or internationally, you’ve undoubtedly experienced jet-lag. You got hungry at all the wrong times; you got tired at odd hours. You were jet-lagged.

Being a Christian is to experience something of the same shift in reality, but at a much deeper, fundamental level. We live here on earth within the particulars of space and time in a specific city, but our spiritual sensitivities are set to a different time zone, to the time zone of our eternal destiny. Like everyone else, we eat, sleep, play, and work. But the way we do relationships, our sense of vocation, our interaction with time and money, all speak to the fact that while we are in the world, we’re not of the world. My prayer is that this website will help us to continually re-set our hearts and minds to the timezone of eternity.


Walter has been named President-Elect of the National Association of Evangelicals.

You can read the official Press Release and an article about him in Christianity Today.


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